IELTS Registration in Bangladesh

IELTS Registration in Bangladesh

The International English Learning Testing System (IELTS) is the high stakes to measure people’s English language proficiency where English is used as the medium for communication, higher studies and skilled job preparations.


In the native speaking countries i.e. Britain, USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand English language is widely accepted for mode of higher studies, migration, and skill-oriented jobs.


IELTS test takers are treated utmost fairly and with respect. There is no cross-cultural biasedness and test-takers are accepted from all parts of the world.


IELTS is now available around 1600 locations in the world. And in Bangladesh British Council and IDP Australia offers 4 tests each month and 48 each year throughout the country in their branches.


How to register for IELTS in Bangladesh

British Council and IDP Australia offer IELTS tests throughout each month in Bangladesh.


To book your IELTS test you can do so from their online website or can walk into their branch offices near you. Let’s look at some steps for how you book your IELTS exam.


       - Choosing the desired location for your IELTS exam.

       - Picking which IELTS you are going to attempt. (Academic / General).

       - Fixing up the date when you wish to sit for your exam.

       - Select the option ‘Book test’.

       - Filling up the application form with all the required information.

       - And proceed to payment.


What are the requirements for IELTS registration in Bangladesh?

You will need to fulfill the following terms to book for an IELTS exam:

       - Always make sure you have your passport with you as you will be uploading a scanned copy of it to book for the test. For the candidates under aged 18, they will require a written consent by their parents to have a place at the exam.


       - You will be asked to download ‘Information for Candidates’ which contains detailed information about the test formats, question types and results publication. The candidates aged under 16 are not allowed to sit for the test.


      - Pay for the test as you can pay online using the British Council’s online website or you can pay in person or using mobile services.


      - If you select to pay later you have to pay within 48 hours using the online payment services i.e. MasterCard, VISA or AMEX debit/credit cards, DBBL nexus Payment, BKash, Rocket, etc.


      - If you opt to pay later then you should log in to the candidate area and make the payment under the tab ‘payment info’.


      - Once you have completed your payment you need to go to the ‘Upload Documents’ and upload a clear scanned copy of your passport.


      - You will receive a confirmation once your booking has been made prior to 5 days before the test with information about your test times and test venues.


      - The speaking test time may be the same as your original test or 7 days before the exam or two days later the exam. The test center will send you confirmation of your test time and test venue.


Which version of IELTS is right for you?

In Bangladesh there are many candidates like you will be asking them which IELTS should I choose?


Nothing to worry about, this article will answer your question effectively.  IELTS exam has a greater impact on your study opportunities, success in career, and more likely you will get a resident permit in the United Kingdom, Canada, USA, and Australia, etc.


Scoring a high score increases your chances of getting admission in top universities. And this special English testing system will make your CV looks attractive to many multinational companies if you are willing to have a career abroad. 


Let’s get down a few more details about which IELTS to choose from.


     - IELTS Academic is the perfect platform for those who want to pursue an undergraduate and postgraduate program for higher studies abroad or seek a professional registration in the UK. That means the UK will certify you for your profession.


     - On the other hand, IELTS General Training is best offered to those who are looking for below degree level studies, migration program or for job purposes.


Let’s look at some more details that will give you a clear insight which IELTS to choose from.


     - Out of the four parts of the IELTS exam only the differences features in IELTS Reading and writing and the other two almost similar for both versions.


     - Reading Section in IELTS academic training you are required to read three long and complex passages and answer from them, and on IELTS General training candidates have to look at two shorter passages with a long passage.


     - In the IELTS Academic Writing task 1 candidates are given a pie chart, bar chart, diagram, tables, etc. and they have to answer within 150 words. On the other hand, in General writing task 1 candidates are required to write a letter asking for any information or explaining any event or life situation.


     - In the IELTS Academic Writing task 2 candidates of both forms are attempting to write an essay from their given topic with 250 words.


      - In the writing task you will be examined how well you can relate to the topic given, how you structure your introduction, ranges of vocabularies used, cohesion and coherence, accuracy of grammatical structures being used.


      - IELTS speaking mainly taken in three parts in around 11-14 minutes long. Examiner will ask you about yourself at the beginning. You will talk for 2-3 minutes, and then you will be given a topic card and have to answer from it.


      - Examiner will assess you in your fluency of speech, talking length, using linking devices, lexical resources, ranges of vocabularies you used to express, use of accurate sentence structure and pronunciation.


Now you have a clear idea between the forms of the tests and by now you know which IELTS is for you.


IELTS Registration for UKVI:

SELT (Secure English Language Tests) IELTS for UKVI Academic and General training and IELTS life skills are approved by the UK Home Office for all the visa applications made in the UK.


IELTS academic results have been widely accepted among UK universities and colleges. This means candidates do not have to take UKVI (Academic) tests as they can just submit their IELTS Academic results for entry.


From many UK universities, the IELTS you require and the minimum band score you should have solely depends on two things, one the university requirements and the other visa requirements.

Below are the IELTS tests that included to SELT list approved for UKVI:


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