IELTS Preparation Books

IELTS Preparation Books

Are you looking for an IELTS preparation book? Our IELTS guide books which are published by the British American Resource Center (BARC) are comprehensive guides that offer a range of test questions to help you build your confidence.


IELTS Preparation Book by BARC

Our preparation books are well organized and have a highly detailed reading section that highlights commonly made errors.


It is divided into four sections Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.


There is a test after each section, which is on par with the actual test that you are preparing for.


It offers suggestions on how considerably to tackle the test and how to use your time efficiently. The listening section contains audio links.


Best IELTS book for self-study

Our IELTS Mock Test Papers are written by English teachers with years of experience in training students for the IELTS under British American Resource Center (BARC).


It takes a step by step procedure to training students on how to answer task I and II questions. It explains the questions and the articles and essays that will be written during the test.


The writer has used his in-depth experience to offer explanations and formulations for writing the questionnaires for success. The book additionally offers examples of well-written essays and reports.


Best book for IELTS preparation

There is no more reliable way to prepare for an examination in English than boosting your vocabulary, BARC provides a book with a vast collection of vocabulary focuses largely on the types of grammar that will be required to write an essay.


Understanding the grammar and their management will help you to read, write, listen and speak.


It contains easy to understand descriptions, examples, and illustrations for quicker learning. It also includes tips for the learner and offers advice on how to improve your writing. It contains exercises and practice sessions to build confidence.

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