IELTS for Canada

IELTS for Canada

It all depends that what program you are agreeing to opt for, which level of study you are going for and where you are applying like College or University.


If you are bewildered about where and how to apply or anything linked to IELTS contact the best IELTS training center British American Resource Center in Bangladesh (BARC) which is situated at Uttara and Mirpur Dhaka.


IELTS for Canada


For all Master level University courses, 6.5 (overall) with 6.0 (each module) is a basic standard. And British American Resource Center (BARC) guides you on the path for going to Canada and guarantees to make you score your required score.


All in all, IELTS overall score with 6.5 no less than 6 in any module is good for student Visa.


So according to the level, one has to look for the requirements.


You can prepare for the IELTS Exam. There are 4 modules i.e. Reading Writing, Speaking and Listening.


If you are applying for a Study Visa, you will be asked to get 6 Bands to make yourself eligible to apply.


You can take online IELTS Classes at


Or contact our training center BARC at Uttara and Mirpur


This institution organizes live interactive seminars and classes with certified teachers for the IELTS preparation test.

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