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English Graduate

People have always wanted to study English language and literature in particular. Specially For those who learns English as a second language. English learning covers the area of reading, writing, listening and speaking. In Bangladesh many people want to be fluent in English but they are afraid to take approach. This fear of English is because of some traditional learning strategies and lack of practices. For them to breakdown the fearfulness in English British American Resource Center has started a course English Graduate. It is a year long course. Who wants to have compete fluency in English are suggested to enrol this course. Student should not worry about their knowledge of English. This course is designed to teach from very basic to advanced level of English. Specially those students who does not have any grammar or spoked fluency and knowledge are recommend this course. English graduates find opportunities with many different employers. Public and private sector organisations such as the National Health Service (NHS), educational institutions, local and national government, financial and legal firms, and voluntary and charitable organisations. English is a must skill to apply for a job, inside the country or abroad. This One year (1 year) long course helps student to learn at ease and from very beginning. It can be said that who will complete this course will be able to obtain IELTS score 7.5 easily after having few exercises. This course will improve one’s Spoken ability, writing quality, Reading strategies and so on. So, if you have a question like “How to get 7 or 7+ score in IELTS’’ or “How to learn English easily” this course is for you. Keep Exploring.


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  • Total Seat:20
  • Duration:24 Hours
  • Course Fee:13,200/- BDT
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