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B1 Level

Nowadays to compete in daily life, higher education or corporate career Learning English is an obvious skill. Fluency in English, proper communication, pronunciation, advanced writing skill are more likely a helping hand to race success. Common European Framework reference is a standard outline to scale student’s English proficiency. Completing B1 Level course will help students with following the main points of a discussion on concrete subjects, create a conversation or discussion, express a personal opinion on various interest, make a detailed article on an event or a dream, explain a project, simplify idea, understand a newspaper or magazine article roughly, express your feelings, adapt English spoken and so on. These are very important fragment of IELTS. B1 level is a starter course of IELTS in British American Resource Center. In this course a student will be introduced with IELTS (International Language Testing System) exam.

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  • Seat Availble:20
  • Duration:25 Hours
  • Price:8,200/- BDT
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